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    OND Bloc

    Post by Cool3atool on Tue Jul 29, 2008 4:46 pm

    OND Current Stats:

    OND Total NS: 3,265,535
    [edit] Some History

    Order of The New Dawn was started around the founding of TRUST. August 18, 2007. OND is also known as El Bloco Tu Madre, named by El Bruc. It was founded by GOOR (now GLOP), PLUS, and TRUST.


    As sovereign alliances bound by common purpose and friendship, the Protection and Liberation of United States (PLUS), Allied Forces of Sovereignty (AFS), Holy Axis of the Loyal Order (HALO), and Global League of Protectorates (GLOP), along with their respective member nations, do hereby proclaim that they shall be as one in time of need or surplus, separate and yet joined for the benefit of all.
    Article I: Friendship

    Neither alliance shall take military action or engage in active espionage against the other; similarly, no financial or military aid may be rendered by either alliance to any party committing hostile action against the other.
    Article II: Defence

    Signatories agree to defend one another should either alliance be attacked, so long as they could effectively deter the enemy. In this situation "effective" will be deemed as the combined power of all allied forces being at least half the military strength of the attacking alliance. If the signatory cannot effectively enter the conflict then they are required to help rebuild their attacked friend, and to make diplomatic efforts to restore peace. In the event a signatory chooses to initiate conflict, for whatever reason, signatories may assist in whatever form of action they deem necessary. Such assistance is not automatically granted, and does not in any way affect the standing of the treaty.
    Article III: Intelligence

    Recognizing that information can be the most potent of weapons, all the alliances shall coordinate all efforts in gathering, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence about both the greater world around them and potential breaches of security within their own ranks. All information learned through this combined effort shall be shared between the leaders and, if mutual security permits, the members of both alliances.
    [edit] Article IV: Access

    To promote mutual cooperation and prosperity, the forums of each alliance shall be opened up to select members of the other, with the intent of expanding shared access to a larger portion of the combined membership. While not allowed complete access in the interests of security, the visiting members will be granted more in-depth access than general diplomats or foreign visitors.
    Article V: Aid

    Member nations are strongly encouraged and are expected to provide aid, based upon need and the best potential for development, between both alliances. The governments of the signatory alliances are expected to promote this kind of cooperation and encourage their member nations to get involved in it. The government of each alliance will set procedures to deal with refusals for this kind of cooperation.
    [edit] Conclusion:

    Looking to the future together, the leadership of the GLOP, HALO, AFS, and PLUS do hereby sign this document and declare it law.
    Signed by:


    Gollum- GLOP High Chancellor
    Council members:
    General Shek


    Cool3atool -HALO Triarch
    Dan2680 -HALO Triarch
    Alekhine -HALO Triarch


    Temporary Government


    HM4A1, Overlord of the Allied Forces of Sovereignty
    Mousey, MoFA of the Allied Forces of Sovereignty
    Nathanael, Co-Overlord of the Allied Forces of Sovereignty


    Aid Sent to HALO : +30 mil

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